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As the Official Footwear of USAPA, members now received a 25% discount off select men’s and women’s Wilson court shoes!  Simply log into the USAPA Member Rewards program, click the ‘Shopping’ link and then click the Wilson shoe offer.  This will give current members the USAPA discount code and provide you with a link to the USAPA shoe offer page on the Wilson website.  Simply browse the the various styles and colors for both men and women and make your selection.  Your USAPA discount code can be applied at check out.

Since 2011, Wilson has done extensive research on the sport of pickleball.  After many market studies and many conversations with ambassadors around the country, Wilson is proud to be the first global racquet company involved in the sport of pickleball!

As the #1 company in tennis, it was only a natural fit for Wilson to lead the way entering the fastest growing sport in America!

Take a moment to look at the 3 new pickleball paddles here!

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