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Mueller Sports Medicine Now a Proud Sponsor

A sports injury becomes a life injury. It doesn’t just go away when you’re not playing. Knee pain after a match can lead to trouble getting around at home. So as a sponsor, Mueller Sports Medicine can support USA Pickleball Association members with products perfect for you on and off the court.

Compression Sleeves and Socks
ProStrips® Finger Tape
Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape
OmniForce® family of products

Led by his entrepreneurial spirit, Curt Mueller saw a huge opportunity for helping athletes enhance their performance and improve recovery from injury. Blending his sports experience and his pharmacology degree, he coined the term sports medicine. A new industry and Mueller Sports Medicine was born.

Today, Mueller Sports Medicine incorporates their sports medicine know-how into every brace and support they offer so everyone can benefit, not just athletes.

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Mueller Sports Medicine
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