Gamma Pickleball

Discover the World’s Most Innovative Pickleball Equipment

GAMMA Sports is a family owned business with a 40-year history of developing innovative products that advance racquet sports for players of all levels. Uniting our history of innovation with our passion for performance, GAMMA paddle and product technologies are leading the fast-growing pickleball pack.

GAMMA Pickleball provides the tools you need to excel on the court. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, young or old, we have a paddle for your game!

GAMMA Pickleball is where years of innovative technology come together with your passion for pickleball. Our creative ingenuity and bias for top-notch performance make GAMMA Pickleball the leader in one of the country’s fastest growing sports. GAMMA Pickleball Paddles are made to maximize power, execute precision, and master finesse.

200 Waterfront Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15222